The Top 5 Key Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Investment Real Estate

So... You may ask yourself, why should you buy or invest in real estate in the First Place? Because it's the IDEAL investment! Let's take a moment to address the reasons why people should have investment real estate in the first place. The easiest answer is a well-known acronym that addresses the key benefits for all investment real estate. Put simply, Investment Real Estate is an IDEAL investment. The IDEAL stands for: • I - Income • D - Depreciation • E - Expenses • A - Appreciation • L - Leverage Real estate is the IDEAL investment compared to all others. I'll explain each benefit in depth. The "I" in IDEAL stands for Income. (a.k.a. positive cash flow) Does it even generate income? Your investment property should be generating income from rents received each month. Of cour...

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